Montanahorse training

What is Natural Horse·Man·Ship?

"That's the Nature of Things"!
as the old Disney song goes.

It works through an understanding of the laws of nature.

It's about getting aligned mentally with the horse.
It uses no positional restraints on the horse.

It's realizing that horses know that they are on
our "menu" even if we don't realize it.

It allows you and your horse to be more effective together
than you would be if you were apart in doing many tasks.

Got Savvy?


As Bruce Springsteen said, "Baby, I was born to RUN." That's the horse's motto. It is the flight reaction which has kept the species of horses going long enough for we humans to arrive and blanket, transport, restrain, and often be confused and frustrated by them! We put them in unnatural situations such as stalls, trailers, breeding apparatus, in tie-downs, big bits, you name it. . .and then we get resistance. We can change their circumstances or their posture, but it's only with understanding and communication that we can change their minds.

When things "go wrong" in the horse's viewpoint, (anything from a change in position of fixed objects in their usual environment, to flapping paper, to being scared of a predator--often meaning a human), Mother Nature says GO and so a horse often does, with great eagerness. It's in understanding that a horse is a prey animal, like a deer or a wildebeest, and the human is a predator, like a cougar or a lion, that horse behavior makes complete sense. With understanding we can change "I'm outta here" to "What's going on?" and help the horse think before flying off.

Horses primarily use body language to communicate, not verbal language. Reading this and imitating it in a way horses can understand will yield great results. Horses are herd animals and either need to dominate or be dominated to be comfortable and safe. As long as the relationship is tipped just a little to the human's side, using love, fair dominance, and understanding, the sky's the limit. Once the horse gets the upper hand (and he will take it if he's not given the security of good leadership), look out! A 1300 pound animal having a mood swing when he's in charge is a whole lot different than the family dog having a mood swing.

I invite you to discover the world your horse lives in.

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