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Peggy and Buddy demonstrating at the Gallatin Winter Fair

Peggy offers teaching
of Natural Horsemanship with a Parelli focus in the following formats:

CLINICS: 2 full, 8-hour days of Savvy for maximum learning. This format is the best use of your time and money if you truly desire to improve your horsemanship. Peggy can take a maximum of 8 riders, and auditors are welcome. The clinic format allows you to get hands-on help with your horse, and have a chance to soak up what you are learning as you watch how your fellow students and their horses are advancing. The power of positive peer pressure will help you try things beyond your daily routines.

WORKSHOPS: A workshop is a 1-day (6 hours), in-depth study of one particular focus of horsemanship. Topics might include Ground Games, Loose Rein Riding, Liberty, Collection, or anything you can set up. Feel free to use your imagination. Workshops can be held on consecutive days (for example, a day of Ground Games or Liberty followed by a day of Loose Rein Riding) to reinforce and expand on knowledge gained from prior sessions.

Workshops are from 9 AM to 4 PM. Peggy can take a maximum of 8 riders. Auditors are welcome. You should plan to schedule at least two days of workshops in order to bring Peggy to your area.

EVENTS FOR NEW NH STUDENTS: I encourage you to set up events for those students new to NH. Please make sure the event is geared specifically for these new people and fill it with first-timers.

Unless specifically geared for new students, workshop participants need to have attended previous clinics, workshops, or lessons. The only exceptions might be people who own the Parelli Partnership Pack and are very familiar with the NH, and Peggy must specifically clear these participants before they sign up.

GROUP LESSONS: This is a 3-hour lesson with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 students. Peggy generally does 2 group lessons per day. She can do 3 group lessons per day if the first two group lessons are filled and the demand is great enough.

PRIVATE LESSONS: One-on-one time with Peggy.

Montana Trail Ride *IMPORTANT NOTE: Students need to have their own PNH equipment (no substitutions or sharing with another student, please) before the event starts. I have limited ability to loan equipment.

Beginning students need: halter, 12' lead, carrot stick, savvy string.

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